Postcards for swap

My available postcards for swap

N°1 : El kala natural park

N°2 : Old men with traditional dress and Algerian flag

N°3: The Botanical Garden of Algiers, It was established in 1832, and is still considered one 
of the most important botanical garden in the world

N°4: Constantine mosque (Emir Abdelkader)

N°5: A hotel in the saharan city - Bechar

N°6: Timimoun

N°7: View of Bologhine

N°8 : Djemila Arch (UNESCO site)

N°9: Traditional work

N°10 : Algiers Casbah

N°11 : Algeria

N° 12: Our lady of Africa And The Sacret Heart (Algiers)

N° 13 :  Timgad was a Roman town in Algeria (UNESCO site)

                                                   N° 14: Roman ruins in Tipaza - Algeria

N 15: Djanet

N° 16: Algiers

N° 17: Hogar (UNESCO site)

                                N° 18: Touareg, are tribes live in Tassili region from thousand years.
                                           Habits and traditions are a important in the life.

N°19: El biar - Algiers

                                       N° 20: Djamila, is a Roman ruins in Algeria (UNESCO site)

N° 21 : Timimoun

N° 22: Oran, in arabic "wahran" is located in the north-west of Algeria
The name "Wahran" is derived from the word berber "Uhran" that mean tow lions

N° 23 :

N° 24 : daily life - Algeria

N° 25: 

N° 26: Tlemcen

N° 27: Casbah

N° 28: Blida 

N° 29: Casbah

N°30: Bechar

N° 31: The capital Algiers, seen from the sea

N°32: Seen on the Sqaure Emir Abdlkader (1808-1883) 
Was an  Algerian religious and military leader who led a struggle against the 
french colonial invasion

N° 33: Djamila, is a Roman ruins in Algeria (UNESCO site)

N° 34:  Our lady of Africa, is a Roman Catholic basilica in Algiers.
The basilica was inaugurated in 1872

N° 35: Vast mausoleum of the Numid kings (4th century BC). Batna

N°36: Typical architecture of Beni M'zab in Ghardaïa, unique in the world

N° 37: Casbah, The old town of Algiers, capital of Algeria, tight street and narrow and winding alleys (founded in the 6th century BC) site UNESCO

N° 38: Tassili landscape shop (UNESCO site)

N° 39: Scene of the traditional life in Algeria (1937 -1939)

N° 40: The mountains of Djurdjura in Kabylia

N° 41: Constantine, the city of bridges

N° 42: Touareg, in the heart of the Algerian desert

N° 43: The lighthouse of jijel - Algeria

N°44: Bousaada- Algeria

N° 45: Constantine